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Lessons Learned Through Chaos and Mayhem from Northwest Minnesota 
by Noel LaBine

Over forty short stories of ancestral memories and real life experiences from a descendant of farmers in the Red River Valley of Northwest Minnesota. By reliving his 1950-70s adventures, Noel creates a panorama of what Northwest Minnesota culture was like during that era. Both hilarious and serious these stories set us up for accepting our own frailties and personal experiences.  (See ordering information below)

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"Like the model set by Bill Holm, in telling tales of Southwestern Minnesota, Noel Labine in this collection of autobiographical essays and pictures with lessons learned, has illustrated the same for life in rural northwestern Minnesota. He has mined his personal life as a child and young adult in short, easy to read, vignettes that contain both humor and principles to live by." 
Melvin Aanerud – is a retired small business manager and federal government official who is now an author, performer and community activist.

 “I Love Noel’s hysterically humorous historical stories. Noel’s rendition of simple life experiences with a few bumps and bruises along the way also bring blessings and hope.” –Annemarie Eveland is the founder of Hurrah for Humans, LLC., which fosters education and publications that uplift and inspire the human spirit.

“Noel LaBine’s book: Lessons Learned Through Chaos and Mayhem from Northwestern Minnesota offers the reader a unique glimpse of the factors that shaped this popular Twin Cities Storyteller.  Noel’s collection of personal tales acquaints us with his French Canadian heritage, his Roman Catholic upbringing, and most significantly his roots in the farmland of the northern Red River Valley. By reading this book, we not only gain insight into the elements that contributed to Noel’s character but we also gain a much deeper understanding of rural culture in the upper Midwest during the last half on the twentieth century.” 

Richard Rousseau, Actor, Storyteller.

“Each story in Noel Labine's Lessons Learned through Chaos and Mayhem calls me curiously to the next. It is hard to stop reading once I start. A delightful walk through a world of new experience; like going on an adventure! A pleasure to read. I am grateful for this treasure of insights." --Will Hale, award winning musician, Songwriter and Author of One Light, Many Reflections.

Crossing the Stream 
by Noel LaBine

A collection of ten short stories in the “creative memoirs” genre. The first five stories are based on personal experiences in Viet Nam and Thailand. The second five stories are about the experiences of a returning soldier and his travels about the United States of America after having been in the orient and a war zone in Viet Nam. 
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"Noel LaBine's, Crossing the Stream is both entertaining and thought-provoking. The stories of Noel's time in Vietnam can be hair-raising and funny, and his interactions with the rich variety of people found in his personal post-Vietnam United States leave you wondering about the limited scope of your own relationships.

However, the profundity of this work is the plot behind the stories. Unlike the works of Tim O'Brien and other Vietnam authors, whose works are elegiac, these stories show us a man who saw horror and profoundly troubling times, and then framed it with vivid remembrances of relationships and conversations. His itinerant travels through Vietnam and the American landscape show us a man who is changed, but undaunted.

My lasting image of this book will be of a young man moving in so many vehicles through the confused panorama of his era.

Well worth the few hours it will take you to read."
 Anthony Thomann

The Arizona Connection
By Noel LaBine

Arizona Connection is an adventurous fiction story taking place during catastrophic times with experiences in mind reading and the use of other calming energies. The settings are in Arizona and Minnesota and the hero’s battle adverse conditions while confronted with evil men, whose wrong deeds are eventually overcome. 

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Noel LaBine is a resident of Andover, MN. Originally born in California, he was raised on a farm in northwest Minnesota where he helped his family raise cattle and horses. His experiences as an army scout in Viet Nam and his adventures in America upon his return provide the basis for the stories in his first book. His experiences working on a ranch in Montana also add to his material. Moreover, Noel’s experience living with Benedictine monks and his interest in oriental mysticism and Native American shamanism also contributed to the paranormal nature of the adventures in The Arizona Connection. 

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Crossing the Stream
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Arizona Connection
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